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Is there really anybody who does not feel some strangely and automatically created , feeling of optimism right after winter time has gone by ?

Spring is here .Season of joy, happiness and rebirth. And of course all the above apply not only to nature but also in people's personal mood. Nature is transforming quickly day by day filling space with colours and people draw from this image pleasant feelings of positive emotions.

Favourite flowers for this season are colourful yacinths, narcisus, ranunculus, anemones, tulips, freesias, syringas and others. There should be three ways of mixing them together in arrangements as colour concerned.

First strong coloured arrangements with different flowers of different colours.

Second sweet romantic style with pale , usually pastel colours.

Third keeping our romantic style as basic background we can apply patches of strong colours in order to create differences. Strong colours represent exactly whatever is happening to nature this time of the year. And that is the transformation from the grey, brown and generally dark shades of winter to the joy and freshness of all coloroful flowers grown everywhere. Easter celebrating period is in spring where apart from what ever the local customs are favorite colours remain yellow and white.

Finally we support the idea that seasons and their special characteristics should be the initial criteria of accessories and flowers choice for making arrangements to decorate any event or space.

So choose for the decoration of your space, event, wedding etc solutions that walk along with trends relative to what mother nature suggests !!!

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