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Useful Advices of caring fresh cut flowers and plants


Useful advices for the good care of Fresh Cut Flowers  


Every time you buy or receive as gift fresh cut flowers:

1. Cut slantwise the edges carefully before you put them in the water. This way you create a new surface with better and stronger ability of absorbing water. The ideal procedure yet is to cut stems if possible having them submerged into a water container or under running pot water. This way you avoid air bubbles to insert into the stem and block water from reaching the flower at top. Especially for roses remove any leaves from the bottom stem but let thorns in their place and don't hurt the stem with unwanted wounds.

2. Repeat the above procedure daily changing the vase water. Also wash out any dirt or rotten leaves or bacteria created on stems.

3. Put the flowers in the vase so as the stems are in the water by approximately 3/4 of their height. If you don't have such a vase and flowers are longer then shorten them down to the appropriate height cutting slantwise.Do not cut the ties that keep them together in case of hand tied bouquets.

4. Don't let flowers exposed to sunlight or close to any heating appliances.

5. You may also add a small dose of "flower food". It helps in lengthening their lifetime. You can produce one on your own by adding (1) teasp of bleach, vinegar and (2) teasp sugar in (1) litter water. Use a small portion of this every time you put flowers in your vase.

6. In case of flower arrangements and creations fill up the pot with water and keep adding water the next days. Following our instructions you will keep your flowers fresh and enjoy them for longer.




Useful advices for the good care of Plants


Every time you buy or receive as a gift a plant follow the instructions shown by the corresponding Symbols and figures shown on the bottom of each plant photo.

All pot plants require nutrients. Generally supply plants with water-soluble fertilizer once a month and follow strictly an expert's instructions. If you want to transplant to a bigger pot, do that carefully so you don't damage the root mass ball.

Always use good quality plant compost suitable for the category of the plant to be transplanted.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be just happy to provide you any information and help even on other subjects interested to you.