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You have chosen "Athens & Suburbs (Attica Region)"as final order destination. In case you wish to send to a different destination, please choose "change destination" for the available items to be displayed.




Order cancellation-Refund policy-Delivery confirmation-Claims

• You do have the ability to cancel an order the latest (1) one day before the delivery date. In this case we refund the whole amount you were charged.

• No cancellation accepted and no refund issued for orders that are being placed one day for same day delivery. The reason is that upon we receive an order we proceed immediately in preparing the corresponding product ,so that in the event of a cancelation it is impossible to have the flowers used back in place without some relative damage. So please keep it clear that even if the last minute you decide not to send the flowers , then we might not send them but you are charged as an ordinary order.

• No cancellation accepted and no refund issued for orders that are being placed with destination "Other cities of Greece" (outside Attica Area) and "Abroad ".Reason is that we do forward the order upon receiving it immediately to INTERFLORA and from there it is forwarded to the closest to the destination network florist for delivery. So regardless timing such an order can be probably not sent but you don't get a refund back.

• Delivery confirmation proof is the recipient’s signature on the corresponding order form. Though there are cases where other persons might sign the document. Such places would be hospitals, hotels, cemeteries, companies etc were practically our delivery department does not reach the final recipient. Flowers are used many times or sent also mostly from one person to another. There are cases where the recipient refuses to sign or does not wish to receive the flowers sent. For these and other instances experienced until now a non existence of a signed order delivery document is never a reason that someone (sender) would deny payment of the order itself.

• Claims are accepted only the same day of the delivery date and not later on. Claims are applied by the sender in written (fax or e-mail). If a claim is placed we immediately check the product at the point of delivery and if we also consider it false or non quality excellent we replace it without any objection.

Using www.flowershop.gr website services, means you fully agree with the above terms and conditions.